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SITELINE™ – Light Trespass Mitigation

See how this patented technology blocks undesired light trespass from neighbouring communities

SITELINETM uses Optically Down Angled LEDs to focus light at the intended viewing audience, a custom pixel pattern, and precisely designed face plates to create displays with side angle light blocking. Simply put, if you are outside its “viewing area”, you can not see it (sub 1% visible light).

This patent pending technology is the only fully developed light trespass mitigation system on the market.

SITLEINETM is built on our industry standard 400x400 digital LED module size. This enables the modules to be used in any 400 series billboard cabinet, including those produced by other manufacturers. Purpose built or retrofit, SITELINETM provides unrivaled light mitigation and operational flexibility.

Your billboard is your investment and we understand the need to check up on it. No need to spend time on driving by; VISIONiQ’s automated monitoring system will send you an alert if any covered system exceeds parameters. Also, easy webcam access grants you freedom to check on your sign from anywhere at any time!

Our comprehensive Redundancy System combines with our exclusive Remote Power Management System (GUARDIANiQ) to keep your board running even if industry common malfunctions occur. And our exclusive multi-layered weather protection — from IP67 modules, to drip shield protected components, and engineered ventilation — enable SITLEINETM to thrive in any climate, from Alaska to Arizona.

Media Resources's technical team can quickly and easily determine if SITLEINETM is a candidate for your location. If not, we’ll tell you, so we don’t waste your time. If it is, we are here to support you from drawings to permit approval to verifying the light output meets permit specifications.

There is no risk to you, only reward. If you have a location where light mitigation is desired or required, give us a call!

How does it work?

The engineered light-blocking vertical louvres work with the Optically Down Angled LEDs to dictate at which angles light is allowed and where it is not. SITELINETM modules direct light towards the viewing area while blocking light at a predetermined angle. This creates a viewing area, a transitional area, and a light protected area.

This technology is making a huge difference for billboard owners and citizens alike. SITELINE ™ kept the residents of this Utah town from fleeing, as covered by local KUTV news.

SITELINETM light mitigation worked exactly as Media Resources said it would… The municipality where these units are located is very satisfied.

— Sr. Vice President, Major Media Company

Media Resources were the inventors of the light trespass mitigation technology for digital Out-of-Home and have been instrumental in helping many of our markets get locations approved with their SITELINETM product. They have a whole process to help our teams analyze the location and present a custom solution specific to that location.

— Vice President, Major Out-of-Home Advertising Company

I could just enjoy my neighborhood again like it once was. I don’t even think about it anymore. It’s made a difference and it’s helped make an impact for good here.

— Community Resident, Riverton UT

There was a lawsuit brewing from these neighbors and now they’re very happy with the solution so it likely could have saved that company a lot of money.

— Jeremy Harris, KUTV reporter

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